Most Followed Football Clubs on social media

Here are the top 10 most followed football clubs on social media along with a brief description of each club:


Real Madrid

With over 252 million followers on social media, Real Madrid is the most followed football club in the world. They have a long history of success, having captured 34 La Liga and 13 European Cup/UEFA Champions League trophies. The team is well-known for its all-star player line-up and its recognizable all-white home uniform.


With more than 244 million social media followers, Barcelona is the second-most followed football team in the world. The team has collected 26 La Liga championships and 5 UEFA Champions League crowns. They have produced some of the greatest football players in history, including Lionel Messi, and are well-known for their distinctive blue and red striped uniforms.

Manchester United

One of the most successful football clubs in England is Manchester United. It has more than 147 million social media followers. The team has 20 Premier League championships and three UEFA Champions League crowns. They have a significant global following and are well-known for their Old Trafford stadium and red home kit.


Chelsea is the fourth-most followed football team. It has more than 134 million followers on social media. In addition to numerous other trophies, the team has won five Premier League championships and one UEFA Champions League trophy. They are so well-known for having a blue home kit with the best players in the world.


With more than 92 million fans on social media, Arsenal is the fifth most followed football team. The team has won numerous trophies, including 14 FA Cups and 13 League crowns. They are renowned for playing an appealing kind of football and for donning a crimson home uniform. The team has a sizable following and is regarded as one of England's most illustrious football clubs.

Bayern Munich

With 31 Bundesliga championships and six UEFA Champions League crowns, Bayern Munich is the most successful football team in Germany. The club contained a red home kit with some of the greatest players in history. It has more than 90 million social media followers.


With 19 League titles, 6 UEFA Champions League titles, and numerous more trophies, Liverpool is one of England's most successful football teams. The club has 84 million+ social media followers and is well-known for its fiery fan following and red home uniform.

Paris Saint-Germain

With nine Ligue 1 championships and a 2020 appearance in the UEFA Champions League final, Paris Saint-Germain is the most successful football team in France. The team is well-known for its blue and red uniform as well as for having some of the top players in the world, and it has more than 83 million social media followers.


Juventus has won two UEFA Champions League championships in addition to 36 Serie A championships, making them the most successful football club in Italy. The club, which has more than 82 million social media followers, is well-known for its iconic black and white stripes and for having given birth to some of the greatest players in history.

Manchester City

With six Premier League championships and a 2021 appearance in the UEFA Champions League final, Manchester City is one of the most successful football teams in England. The club is well-known for its sky-blue apparel and has more than 72 million social media followers.


Football clubs can benefit greatly from having a strong presence on social media platforms. Here are some benefits:
• Increased fan engagement - Social media platforms allow football clubs to connect with their fans more personally, enabling them to share news, updates, and behind-the-scenes content with their followers. This helps to build a closer relationship between the club and its supporters.
• Wider reach - Social media platforms allow football clubs to reach a wider audience beyond their local fan base. Clubs can get potential fans from all over the world, increasing their global presence and fan base.
• Brand building - Football clubs can use social media to build and strengthen their brand. By consistently posting high-quality content that …

Most Followed Football Clubs